5 Places To Visit On Your Next Pune Trip

There’s rarely a more ‘foodie’ city than the one of Pune. With over 100 different colleges offering an education in numerous streams, students flock to this ‘Oxford of The East’ from all over the country. Naturally, these guys eat, eat, eat. (It’s called the munchies!). A plethora of cuisines await any visitor to Pune in some of the most inventive, quirky restaurants.

Here are some of the best restaurants & hangouts in Pune :

1. Swig

Cozy, vibrant and mixed – you’re going to find all sorts of people here, from the token ‘Gorah’s to nervous-looking freshers, everyone descends on Swig. The place is usually crowded and those limiting rules (Only Couples) apply on Saturday nights. If you can get in then, it’s an amazing experience. Friendly waiters, delicious food, POTENT alcohol (What other kind is there?) and sensational music. You’re bound to have a great time when you’re Swigging away your bottle of beer. Surprisingly, Swig is also perfect for the working atmosphere for Entrepreneurs during the day. The cafe is open-air, has a great breeze at all times and provides Free WiFi!

2. Euriska

Party all night! That’s the underlying theme of this open-till-late club where Greek food is in vogue. From comedy nights to a feast of EDM, Euriska offers something for everybody looking to ‘Work Hard, Party Hard’. the ambience is deceptively larger than it looks with the very real possibility of a drunken you losing your friends in the mesh (Happens Alright!) While this place is slightly pricier than the neighbouring lounges, it’s worth the trip!

3. High Spirits

The End-All of Partying for most Pune folks. With a community atmosphere, a diverse number of performances and theme nights (They even have a ‘Roman Toga’ night!!) High Spirits is far and away the most popular nightclub in Pune. The drinks are reasonable and potent, food appetising and the ambience unbeatable. Unless you don’t like crowded places, that is. Then it’s a non-starter.


4. Replay Sports Bar

If you’re in Pune for a day or two and want to catch a good game at an ACTUAL Sports Bar, then this is the one. First, there’s no irritating music during the games with commentary being broadcast for the whole crowd. Second, the Sports memorabilia around the bar is top-notch, from quotes on some of the World’s greatest athletes to the club crests hanging around. If you’re in Pune for a weekend with football or cricket action, don’t hesitate to drop in at Replay. The cheap Beer and starters like Chicken Wings, along with the authentic Sports Bar feel set the standard high for other Sports Bars to follow.

5. Shisha Jazz Cafe

With a classy, old-school feel, Sheesha is the spot to unwind. Feel the tension ease as you settle into your comfy Diwan and grab your beer. With great cuisine from across the world, (Pastas to Kebabs) sit back, relax and engage in some riveting conversation with your companion as the music, the fresh air and the vibe of happiness sweep over you. They even have a mesmeric Jazz Night every Thursday and that’s quite the experience.

So the next time you’re stopping over at Pune or have some work there, don’t complain. There are many places to go and sights to see. Trust me, the sheer space and crowd there is will enthral you!


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