A Novel Contemporary Teaching Method – PlayWay!

Kids today are distracted worse than ever. While the fight for their attention has become constant with the new wave of parents who give them cellphones, tablets, television, playstation , their learning through such devices is doubtful. What’s required is the need to give them a different, stimulating method of learning incorporating both play and activity.

Rainbow Pre-schools, one of Thane and Mumbai’s premier Educational institutions has tried something different with their approach. PlayWay is the term they’ve applied to it and it is a method of learning is informal, natural and most of all, lively.


The constant need to be entertained must not trump the requirement for learning. To merge the two different objectives in a smooth, proven system has been a challenging task for many schools today and Rainbow, via PlayWay has attempted to do just that. Languages are taught for mental flexibility and to inculcate cultural interest in young minds. Being able to communicate with one another is the first step to progress and working together and Rainbow has instilled a sense of priority in creating a better future through cooperation.

Mathematics, basic sciences and social studies are explained and demonstrated through games, songs, gardening and physical activities. Field Trips and Puppetry are used to pique young curiosity and a 360 degrees personal development and character building are always the underlying principles.

PlayWay does utilise traditional formal learning as well, in order to equip their wards for competition in the real world. Their varied and diverse program and methodology aim at creating more rounded individuals, with multiple talents, versatile abilities and numerous interests along with a sense of team-play, cooperation and social skills.

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