A Secret Lake at Igatpuri – Monsoon Escape

By Ananya Bhattacharjee

It was the end of June, monsoons had already arrived and her magic was everywhere. Lazy, gloomy, cloudy sky and a lush green landscape that adorned itself flawlessly. Frequent showers of rain and the aroma of wet soil filled the air around.

View of the western ghats

So, one afternoon I packed my bag on a weekday and drove towards the mountains, looking for yet another story. An unplanned drive towards the Western Ghats of Maharashtra to finally discover a small town just 130Kms from Mumbai and well connected by rail road called “Igatpuri”

Covered with mist and a majestic view of the green mountains valley, twirling roads garlanded with many waterfalls alongside, felt like heaven on earth. As I approached the town and looked beyond through my window, I could see nothing but mist and fog covered fields with no end to it. And that jitter to go beyond and see the other side took me off roads.

Misty road ahead

After driving for sometime into the mist, I finally found a place to stay overnight. It was a simple lodge, comfortable enough to keep me warm throughout the night. As night approached I felt lucky to have found a place in the middle of nowhere. Thankfully I wasn’t lost.

Towards the secret lake!

When I had checked-in, the surrounding was pitch dark and it was raining heavily with zero visibility. It was only the next morning that I realised how lucky I was to have found this place. Yes! As I looked out my room window, I could see hills slopes all around. As far as my sight could reach, it was all green and a small stream that marked a boundary dividing the lodge building from the forest land.

         Actual view from my window

Wow! I could hardly believe my eye, a place like this for just Rs. 600 a night with this awesome view !! Without wasting a second, I stepped out to venture and walked up the hills to discover a huge reservoir. It was actually Talegaon Dam which falls in the Nasik District of Maharashtra, a calm and serene place with hardly anyone visiting the area.

The lake was surrounded by small hill slops on two sides and a huge mountain forest on the other side of the dam’s valve house. I went around the lake and spent some time at the valve house that stood right opposite to the mountains with a spectacular view.  Then walked on the other side and sat at the foot of this huge mountain, next to the lake while feeling the cold and clear water with my feet.  I could hear the waterfall that ran through a cave like rock at top of the mountain and faint chirping of birds.

The secret lake

Soon the clouds gathered in sky and with drizzles of rain, mist covered the hills. The nature was at its best and for me yet another unforgettable experience.

Your escape link with a map , for this place is secret 😉  https://www.google.co.in/maps/@19.6751857,73.5357769,1646m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

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