If you’re thinking of a nice weekend spent in a beautiful locality, ponder no more and head over to Bandra (west). A cosmopolitan paradise where you’ll see students, young professionals, models, athletes and even the odd movie star about, there’s something for everybody in this once-upon-a-time fishing village.

Let’s get into what we really care about though; The Alcohol! Bandra has some insane places to drink at with your friends with a mix of grunge pubs, a thriving club scene and elegant, chic restaurants.

For now however, let’s figure out the pubs. Good ol’ drinking shacks where the prices are affordable, the crowd fun and the sense of comfort overwhelming.
Here are five pubs in Bandra you should check out when you and your friends just want to sit over that pitcher of Beer!

1. Doolally Taproom

Mango Ciders, Apple Ciders, Stouts and Ales. They have them all, in a plethora of different flavours and origins. Original alcohol is always a plus point and a Doolally, it’s worth an extra 10. One definitely requires a reservation to get in immediately or be prepared for a long wait. The queue doesn’t ever end and that’s a testament to the popularity and quality of The Doolally Taproom. They’re also a pet-friendly bar for you animal lovers and they back it up with a pet adoption drive fairly regularly.

Cost for 2 : Rs. 1900/- (Including Alcohol)


2. The Den

Right next to The Elbo Room in Bandra, The Den is one of those regular cozy pubs with their own fanatical following. Not huge in terms of space (Few places in Bombay are!), the Den gives that crowded, noisy feel with people moving here and there incessantly. The food and drink are not only appetising and potent, they’re relatively inexpensive. Spending an entire Saturday night drinking here with your crew won’t set you back too much and the vibe is contagious. Friendly, comfortable and happy people roam all around you, enveloping you with a brilliant cacophony of conversations, music and outright joy!

Cost for 2 : Rs. 1800/- (Including Alcohol)


3. The English Department Bar and Diner

It’s like pre-1947 in here! Walk into a perfectly English ambience with the Queen greeting you and a Union Jack flying high. The decor and feel of The English Department Bar is unique. Before the novelty wears off however, the music keeps you rooted in British pop culture and the drinks arrive. Great, innovative cocktails along with some delicious food hit the target here. Easy on the wallet, spend some time with your pals here and lift a mug of Beer to the Queen.

Cost for 2 : Rs. 1500/- (Including Alcohol)



4. Bonobo

An Open-Air Pub to enjoy this Monsoon bliss! Bonobo is the most crowded and dare I say it, slightly commercial, than the others on this list. Every night is crowded and the folks are of all varieties as they come by for their obligatory end of the night drinks. Open beyond 12, it’s the feel-good Bandra joint where happy music and potent booze keep the patrons thoughts away from work! Make reservations cause it really is packed!

Cost for 2 : Rs. 1800/- (Including Alcohol)



5. 3 Wise Monkeys

If booze forms the basis for your legendary night, then look no more. These 3 Monkeys were wise cause they came to a place to get drunk based on their wallets. The alcohol is quite economic at 3 Wise Monkeys where one can get plastered with ZERO worries. Karaoke nights are the highlight of 3 Wise Monkeys and you will be constantly entertained by the would-be singers emboldened by alcohol. Who knows? You may be amongst them!

Cost for 2 : Rs. 1400/- (Including Alcohol)

Wherever you pick, have fun on your weekend sojourn to this charming little suburb of Bombay.

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