Dance Away At Korum Mall This Navratri

Dance Away At Korum Mall This Navratri

Navratri is a time of great joy, colour and song. From the traditional Dandiya dance of a thousand years to great food, vibrant colours and a festive atmosphere, Navratri has everything every red-blooded Indian delights in.

A special treat is ongoing at Korum Mall, where the celebrations have been taken to new heights. In the spirit of community and togetherness, Korum Mall have organised a unqiue Dandiya fest for Thane society this Navratri. Festivals are best revelled with great company and at Korum mall, we can join dozens of people every day upto the 30th of September for a session of dance, food and colour.


Shop at Korum Mall for Rs. 1000/- and get a reward unlike ever before; A Golden Dandiya pass for 4 people. Make your way over to their special section on the 2nd floor with your friends and family for an evening of happiness. An Air conditioned hall with the varied, bright colours of Navratri adorn your surroundings, creating an environment of celebration and joy. With a Live DJ, Korum Mall will be thumping to the most popular tunes and melodies of years past and present as you bring your A game to the dance floor. Everyone has a chance to win great prizes as well in the festive fever. Honours such as Best Dancer, Best Costume and Best Movers & Shakers across separate categories for children, men and women will be awarded every day until the 30th of September. Presented by a host of distinguished brands such as KFC, Burger King, Barbeque Nation, Starbucks and B-Blunt, the prizes include vouchers, discounts and other freebies.

So deck up, get your family looking the best and spend an evening with the Thane community you know and love so well. Break out your best dance moves that you’ve rehearsed and stored away for that performance you knew was coming. Unleash your inner spirit as you whirl and revel away in a Dandiya feast for the senses.

So what are you waiting for Thane?

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