Efficiency Is The Key To The Byke Hotel

Thane’s best Business Hotel, The Byke Suraj Plaza is optimised towards giving guests the best result for the best costs.

The point of business is efficiency. How do you get the best result while conserving both investment, and effort? Save Time, Save Money is the mantra of all great business leaders and it isn’t something that they choose to do at their convenience. It’s always there in play. Wasting either money or time (i.e. effort) isn’t a habit they would ever begin, let alone perpetuate in such a major business expense as accommodation.

Enter The Byke Suraj Plaza. With their keen sense for the aesthetics and an acute eye towards ruthless efficiency, the Byke Suraj Plaza is a expertly designed Business Hotel, perfect for business travellers to the cities of Thane & Navi Mumbai.

First, their rooms are all standardised at a reasonable economic cost, leaving no room for doubt or last minute rechecking. Set at an average of a very economic 6,000/- per night, cozy Super Deluxe Rooms are available for travelling professionals, with an assured quality of accommodation , food, services and amenities at their disposal.

Need to have a Board/Team meeting or an event? Conference rooms and banquet halls are available, all with an elevated standard of dining and efficiency. Conduct your business out of the Byke Hotel with their meeting rooms, while hooked on to superior quality wifi for unbroken connectivity.

Victory goes to the team in best shape, and to that effect, the Byke Suraj Plaza only serves delicious, healthy vegetarian food. Bereft of the typical, hotel quality oils and food colours, the food is both appetising and nutritious, giving travelling business owners the necessary focus and energy to conclude their work successfully. Throw back a couple of celebratory Cocktails & Mocktails at the Lounge, Double Vision once you’ve concluded some great deals!

Want to book a cab for all your meetings during the whole day? Prefer your own car without the constant hassle of booking them and wait times? Inquire with the front desk and they’ll figure it out for you.

So If you’re looking for a good business hotel from where to conduct your work from for a few days, drop by these chaps for a visit. Economical, efficient and welcoming, the Byke Suraj Plaza ensures comfort and stability in our quest for good accommodation.

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