Family Vacations – A way to help children bond.

We just returned from a magical four-day trip to Lonavla with our kids. The days were filled with music, laughter, exploration, and sun, which made coming back home all the more sad.

“Family holidays are valued by children, both in the moment and for long afterward in their memory,”. say child Psychologist “It’s all about talking nonsense with your parents, sharing an ice cream and moments of time in which your interests are genuinely taken into account. So if you’re going to spend money on something, it’s pretty clear which option makes more sense.”

And get this: Travelling with your kids can also be beneficial to their brain development. “An enriched environment offers new experiences that are strong in combined social, physical, cognitive, and sensory interaction,” says child psychotherapist Dr. Sunder. “Think: family together in the pool, walking together through the forest, touching long tall grasses waving in the wind, hanging out together.”

These experiences then turn on the genetic expression of key brain fertilizers in the frontal lobes, Dr. Sunder explains, enhancing executive functions like stress regulation, attention, concentration, good planning, and the ability to learn, and also improving physical and mental health. “The brain fertilizers triggered in enriched environments are also associated with higher IQ in children,” she said. “So, spend time exploring together in a new space, and you’re making your child smarter.”

“Reflecting on our happiest memories of joyful time spent together as a family can be extremely powerful in bringing relief and respite when faced with the darker times that life can bring, By using these memories as an anchor to take us back to more cheerful moments, we’re often able to approach problems with a fresh sense of perspective.”

A research conducted among 2000 adults showed 55% of adults agreed that Significant changes such as increased affection to other family members, better behaviour at school and at home, greater optimism and ambition for their future, reduction in how much they worry and less need for disciplining children

When so many options for family outings are available in Maharashtra itself , why go anywhere else.

Here is a list of places near Mumbai which you can visit during summer:

1. Lonavala-Khandala

2. Chikaldhara

3. Saputara (which is on Maharashtra-Gujrat border)

4. Lavasa (Billed as India’s first hill station since Independence).

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