Here are a few suggestions to stay hydrated this Summer!

With the summer coming closer and temperatures already rising in expectation, it is vital that we take greater efforts towards preservation of our physical well-being. The rate of our bodies dehydration increases exponentially at this time of the year and extra measures are required to counter the damaging effects.
Check some of the things you can (easily) do this summer to ensure you stay at the peak of your health :

1. Watermelons

In the world of thirst quenchers, watermelon weighs in as a major contender. Based on its name, it’s no surprise this fruit is made up of 92 percent water!

2. Cucumber

Composed of 96 percent water, cucumbers have no saturated fat nor cholesterol, and, in addition, are very high in vitamin K, vitamin B6 and iron.

3. Coconut Water

Coconut water is an excellent way to rehydrate the body, especially for you gym-fanatics. The coconut contains minerals and vitamins to restore fluid balance, namely electrolytes.

4. Soups

Cook a light vegetable soup as a snack in the mid-morning or afternoon to boost your water intake and energy levels. Use high water-content vegetables such as celery, cucumber, tomato and zucchini. Or, blend everything up and take it in a thermos as something tasty and hydrating to sip on all day.

5. Use Technology to stay hydrated

If you keep forgetting to stay hydrated, download a free app like Hydro that includes a water consumption calculator text reminders of your goal.

6. Eat less sugar and eat more fiber.

Sugar can put excessive strain on the kidneys while fiber slows down blood sugar levels and holds water in the body. This one tip may even help you lose a little weight!

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