How a few Thane folks spent their Good Friday Holiday!

All of us have heard the story of the ‘Midas Touch’ as kids.

But today we are not talking about the yellow, shining metal with which we fondly adorn ourselves. Ever thought how King Midas managed to survive with all the gold around which was created by him? Not to mention even the golden food and water that he needed for survival!

Drawing an analogy from the same, I think the human world and Mother Nature have been plagued with the perils of plastics – a sinister monster. Although synthetic materials like plastics have revolutionised advancements in technology aiding human life but they have also posed an alarming threat to the future of our Planet.

Driven by this thought and to spend the Good Friday holiday with our kids, we, a group of busy moms decided to take a stroll in the Yeoor hills but with a cause. We were pained by the state of our Yeoor Hills forests littered with plastics. So we decided to collect as much as plastic that we could on the way.

To carry a plastic bag and just fling it out as a piece of crap just takes about seconds. But the menace that it creates and above all the efforts to clean and dispose it off in an organised way is a herculean task. With every piece of plastic wrapper, bag, bottle etc. that we cleared dawned a deep realisation that all of us need to stop this growing epidemic.

We all can be green crusaders. Say a’ BIG NO’ to plastics and stop generating it. Use eco-friendly alternatives. Wherever possible Reduce, Re-use and Re-cycle existing plastics. Create awareness among masses at grass roots about the hazards of plastics. It’s carcinogenic as well as choking our habitats and living beings.

4 kids, 6 adults, few hand gloves, gunny bags and an effort of few hours helped us gather around 40 kgs of plastics. This will be handed over to Urja/Rudra Foundation, an organisation which recycles and generates poly fuel.

Priya Jadhav, Aarti Mahajan, Ulka Gawande, Mr and Mrs. Kailash Deshpande, Minal Pappu, and our kids aged between 8 to 12 Manasvi, Shreya, Swasti and Kimaya.

You can contact Dr Medha Tadpatrikar from Urja Foundation at 9373053235 or 9819328365.

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