How to setup a Home Theatre system to get better sound quality? Lets find out!

Your room acoustics could affect what you hear almost as much as your component choices can, and the decor  of your home theatre room affects the quality of your room acoustics.

Optimizing the Room

A quick acoustical test: clap your hands. Do you hear “ringing” afterward? That means your room is “live,” reflecting too much sound, which can spoil the surround effects.

You can do a few things to help:

  • If you have hardwood floors, try placing some area rugs directly in front of the speakers.

  • Close the drapes when you’re watching or listening.

  • Use bookshelves—with books—to help tame reflections.

  • Set up a clear line of sight from speakers to listening seats.

  • Have some people over. Physically speaking, we’re great absorbers.

If you’re lucky enough to have a room dedicated to your home theatre, you have a lot more control:

  • Balance hard and soft surfaces; for example, compensate for a hard ceiling with a carpeted floor.
  • Pull your front speakers further into the room than your TV.
  • Experiment further with speaker placement.

We understand that all this sounds easy but can be difficult to execute. Hence, we recommend that you go with an expert. Putting together an excellent system isn’t about collecting well reviewed products; it’s about finding a synergy between components and the right acoustics.

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