It’s Time To Treat Your Appetite To An Onam Special!

It’s Onam and that means one thing for many of us – Great food! So if you’re in the mood for a taste of Kerala’s finest in Mumbai, then read on!

. Taste of Kerala

If you’re looking for authentic cuisine from God’s Own Country, then look no further. This place may be small, but it serves a mighty meal! They serve you your Onam meal via an authentic array of ovre 30 dishes including sambar, pulisseri, rasan, avial, olan and delicious mango pickles amongst others. The highlight TODAY is the Onam Sadhya feast which goes on till midnight. So hurry!

Approximate Cost: INR 430
2. Kerala House
 Vashi, Navi Mumbai

A government guesthouse run by Kerala Bhawan, this eatery’s popularity is through the roof. From Kootucurry to Pachadi, unlimited rice to Aviyal, an Onam dinner cannot get better than at the Kerala Hosue. The delicious Payasam served at the end is a perfect way to balance the spice and end the grand meal on your sweet tooth. Kerala House is serving the Onam Sadhya on September 3 and September 4 from 12 pm onwards. The place is open for reservation.

Cost: 300

Onam Sadhya at Kerala House. Image Source: Indian Express
Onam Sadhya at Kerala House. Image Source: Indian Express


. Mani’s Lunch Home

Where: Chembur

Mani’s Lunch Home does Onam in frenzied passion. With an award-winning ambience (we aren’t kidding), the waiters are clad in the traditional mundu to give that extra whiff of being transported to Kerala. Their Onam Sadhya meal includes three rice courses, each served with parippu (dal), sambar and rasam with a side papadums, buttermilk, pickle and plantain chips and intoxicating gravies such as kaalan, avial, thoran, olan, pachadi. Mani’s Lunch Home will be orchestrating their Onam Sadhya for the next Sunday (September 10) so you have a bit of time on this one.

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