Knee’d help? Get over to Currae Hospital

Sometimes it’s hard for us to come to a difficult conclusion. Due to the wear and tear of our daily lives, our joints are most susceptible to injury, decline or disability. Neglect and fear are often sides of the same coin. We may try other methods or continue our long walks as usual, convinced that we don’t need help, that it’s simply age and with time, we will have full mobility.
The past few years have witnessed great advancements in the field of Knee Replacement Surgery. One of the safest procedures for those of all ages, patients are found to have quickly adapted to their new knees in record time.
Over 6,00,000 procedures are performed in the United States alone every year with ever beneficial and progressive results. The recurring nature of injuries have been greatly dented by Medicinal advancements with most patients being able to use their new knee for over 20 years.

Currae Hospital specializes in the three (3) different types of knee surgeries, depending on the patients conditions.

Partial knee replacement is performed when only part of the damaged knee requires to be replaced. It could be replacing the inside (medial), outside (lateral), or the kneecap

Total knee replacement is performed when a diseased knee is replaced with artificial material

Revision knee replacement is performed in the highly unlikely case when a previously operated total knee prosthesis relapses and has to be filled with a new prosthesis

From Diagnosis to Medication to Customized Surgery and follow-through physiotherapy, get treated by knowledgeable, experienced doctors and international standard facilities at Currae.

To ensure money doesn’t become the hurdle in eliminating your pain, Currae provides for cashless hospitalization as it is empaneled with all leading health insurance companies and also offers a wide variety of Interest Free EMI Options available for uninsured patients.

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