Lions Club Pioneering Economic Medical Aid in Thane

With prices sky rocketing  and health issues increasing these days, medical services have become financially burdensome on regular people.

In order to provide the regular citizens with financially viable options, the Jayashree Raj Lions Medical Centre have swung into action over the last two decades.
They established two Medical centres  at Khopat & Kopri to provide access to those without great means to superior Medical procedures and services.

The vision of the Jayshree Raj Lions Club is to steadily expand the available services in a day care hospital with operating facilities. A similar initiative was begun with the introduction of a pharmacy dispensing economic medication.

Established in 1999-2000, the centre  began in fairly modest circumstances. With a small office space of 100 sq. feet and a second-hand portable x-ray machine, services were gradually added as and when contributions & finances made it possible. Today, it approximates about 3800 sq. feet with a sterling reputation amongst the citizens of Thane.

This Centre provides innumerable medical services at a significantly economic rate compared to other hospitals. Equipped with 7 state-of-the-art Dialysis units rendering services in three shifts during the day, each Dialysis cycle is applied at a cost which is almost 50% lesser compared to most of the other hospitals.

The name Jayashree Raj Lions Medical Centre has become a signature and notable project with 110 members of this club working on a daily basis successfully providing economic medical services to 50,000 needy individuals annually.

A recent addition to the centre is their Child Development Centre for Differently-abled children. Here children and young adults who suffer from physical ailments are guided and treated with proper physiotherapy by doctors.
Jayashree Raj Lions Club conducts regular camps and social activities at various locations of Thane on a regular basis. You can keep yourself updated with their events and activities on their FB page here
For more info on the kind of services and facilities provided, you can log in to

Two Centres at Khopat, Thane (W)

Centre No. 1: Ground Floor, Punjani Estate, Khopat.

Centre No. 2: Basement – Prabhavati Tower, Behind Shiv Sena Office, Khopat.

Tel: +91-22-2547 5104 / 9498

One Centre at Kopri, Thane (E)

Centre No. 3: Shop No. 6, Jagdale Co-op Hsg Soc, Sant Tukaram Path, Kopri Colony.

Tel: +91-22-2532 1966

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