Remember these 4 points next time you go to a restaurant

It has been more than 1 and half months since GST has been launched. But a lot of us are still unaware of the small details of this bill. Many are even being cheated by people, in order to make extra money.
Next time you are going out for a dinner, do remember the points mentioned below. You might just save yourself from being cheated.
Non registered businesses are not allowed to charge GST and still there are restaurants collecting GST. But by following a few steps you can easily find out.
1) How to identify register or unregister dealer?
Register dealer should print GST number on their bill.
A restaurant cannot charge GST even at the stage of “APPLIED FOR”.
2) How to identify if they printed Fake GST number?
You can verify GST number in this link:
3) What are the GST rates to restaurants?
– For non-AC/non-alcohol serving hotels, it is 12%
– For AC/alcohol-serving hotels, it is 18%
– For luxurious or 5-star hotels, it is 28%
4) In case of GST Fraud, where should we file complaint? 
– Email :
– Phone: 0120-4888999 , 011-23370115
– Twitter: @askGST_Goi , @FinMinIndia

So there may be chances that you might be chilling with your friends over a few drinks, and the night ends up being a bit more than a few drinks and you wont remember checking. So we suggest, share this article with friends and family and help many more from being cheated.

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