Sealed With A Kiss! – Check Out The Reading Room

Ever thought of hearing what your own feelings and thoughts sound like? Maybe if you heard someone else saying it, it became more real.

Giving you the chance to explore yourself from the perspective of the audience, The Reading Room, run by Anuja Ghosalkar is an enthralling concept. Fervently believing in the beauty of letters even in this technological age requires effort and perseverance. Most of all, it deserves an audience of like-minded folks with the same belief in the art of writing letters.

So let strangers gather in a room and read out a plethora of letters to one another. Letters that are either awaiting it’s actual recipient or received letters from any time past, all submitted by the strangers themselves along with Anuja. The trick is that only you know which letter is yours. Cause you won’t be reading it.

All the participants gather in The Reading Room. The letters are all mixed up and curated by Anuja, who includes her own additions of famous letters to the pile. Everyone picks up a letter and off they go – they’re both entertainers and the audience all at once.

For those who have submitted a personal letter, it’s an intriguing experience. They will hear their own words, yet when uttered by a stranger, the perspective may become clearer in their own minds. Maybe witnessing your own thoughts out aloud is one of the ways your own consciousness springs to action.

Along with the epiphanies on offer, there’s a lot of drama as some letters are downright entertaining. They may make you chuckle, gasp in shock or wonder about the characters in the letters.

To register for their next session, which is on August 1st in Bandra West, send a mail to There’s an entry fee of Rs. 150/- and you can find the event on Facebook here.

Location: The Mumbai Assembly, Bandra West
Date & Time: Tuesday, August 1-  6pm to 7.30pm

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