Signal School Initiative by Mr. Sanjeev Jaiswal (TMC Commissioner)

Did you know that the ‘Signal Shala’ or ‘Signal School’ initiative was conceptualised by our Hon. Mr. Sanjeev Jaiswal Sir (Thane Municipal commissioner) with the sole aim to reach out to a maximum number of children whose socio-economic status has deprived them of basic schooling.

Most of these children lead a life of vagabonds and run errands for food or are hawking minor things at the traffic junction. These street kids were eager to study . However, spending hours in school and on books is a luxury they cannot afford. It was found that 76% of these children had never stepped into a school, while others were drop-outs.

The school classrooms, which is set up in a remodelled container at Teen Hath Naka, is complete with an audio visual system, a library of 200 plus books, daily meals, four teachers and 30 additional volunteers to teach a number of subjects, school uniforms, a playground with sea-saws and swings and other facilities.

These facilities have given the street children motivation to switch from begging and selling flowers to select more lucrative careers in future. In order to ensure that each student is taught at their individual level of understanding, the students have been divided in four groups on the basis of an IQ mapping test. Each group is allotted one teacher.

Students and teachers of Sadhana Vidyalaya English Medium School, Kharigaon, Kalwa had painted the wall on the theme of signal school.

Excellent Humane initiative by Hon Municipal Commissioner. In such difficult times for these Street children, a noble soul has emerged. What Politicians should have done from their funds for the Society’s welfare & goodwill has been done by our Municipal Commissioner.

Really Great Initiative by our Honorable Municipal Commissioner.

Thane Municipal Corporation
Thane Citizens Foundation

Sanjeev Jaiswal

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