“Technology is like a knife. A knife is handed over to the child only when there is surety of its usage.”

“Technology is like a knife. A knife is handed over to the child only when there is surety of its usage.”

Technology is here to stay hence the appropriate age and its use is very important. The tender age of 0-7 years is of utmost importance for the overall development of a child. A child learns through imitation and play. And what we mean by play here is the social and physical interaction amongst children playing in a group (like rolling, running, jumping, climbing, sliding, playing on swings and see-saw). Here play does not mean video games or playing with handheld gadgets. It is important for children to interact with one another, work with real materials (shells, stones, wood, sand, water, cotton) rather than use electronic media. By working with real materials they receive sensory stimulation and their senses get nurtured.

Does playing on a mobile at a family diner feel appropriate?
What happens here is that instead of enjoying the meal and spending family time together it only isolates the child and the child is unaware of what he is eating. Same is the case with children being fed at home in front of the TV. Today ipads and iphones have become an easy way out for parents to engage the child.

“Right thing at the right time” is the mantra. It is like climbing the ladder step by step. Around the age of 12-13 years is the time when children can explore technology.
Why to use technology?
When to use technology?
How to use technology?

Introduce technology when they have the developmental maturity. We should pay attention to the developmental need of the children at each stage. Before introducing the powerful tool of technology it is essential to see if children have a healthy body and if they are emotionally strong.
Often kids end up buying gadgets out of peer pressure without checking its utility and viability. Using technology for creating something useful will always influence positively.
With changing times and with the effect of globalization and use of technology being woven into our lives, to limit the use of technology is all the more important (today in the economic world). Hence at an appropriate age the usage is indispensable.
Let us use technology sparingly and judiciously.


Written by Minal Kulkarni – (Teacher at The Reading Tree – Pre Primary School, Thane) – www.thereadingtree.in

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