The Lions Club of Thane Medical Centre aids Thane Residents!

The Lions Club continues to triumphantly expand their services to the general public with the establishment and continual excellence of their three medical centres in Khopat, Punjani & Kopari.

Offering an array of services from Body scans to Dialysis and multiple Consultations from Oncology to Physiotherapy, each centre has been planned with the aim of lowering economic barriers for good healthcare.

Each centre offers different services and consultations. However, they are all equipped with a Child Development Centre with experienced, knowledgable staff well-versed with the required sensitivity to help heal children.

The Lions Club of Thane has enabled the general public to utilise these supportive facilities through subsidised rates & economic packages. The range of choice to the regular person is greatly varied and assisted by learned medics & nurses.

With another achievement in the path towards their goals of aiding and helping the public, The Lions Club of Thane have only added to the grateful reputation they are beginning to accrue amongst the people of this city.

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