Welcome To The Festival Of A Million Fireflies

If you’re looking to do something different, connect with Mother Earth and answer some of your subconscious questions when set amidst the beautiful peace of nature, then your plan is here.

This year, experience a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon with millions of Earth’s own creations. At the start of the Monsoon season, millions of fireflies wake up to mate, bedazzling the mountains and valleys around Purushwadi.

Firefly flashes are part of a complex Insect courting ritual – male fireflies in the air use distinctive patterns of flashing and lighting to attract females of their species on the ground. If all goes well, they’ll get a female to respond with a flash of light too. Their mating dance is a kaleidoscopic vision that must be witnessed by anyone who revels in the joy of being privy to such a phenomena.

Organised by Grassroutes, an organisation dedicated to creating sustainable community centered experiential platforms to understand rural living. Believing that India’s beauty lies in our villages, they aim to promote the conservation of India’s natural beauty through eco-friendly tourism.

Beginning on June 3rd, the Festival of a Million Fireflies continues for the next month and visitors can take part in a plethora of activities. Eat mangoes, plant rice, swim in the lake or just lie under the stars. 

Come witness a confluence of a million natural lights, culture and tradition.

Where – Village Purushwadi (just 4.5 hours from Mumbai)

Email – info@grassroutes.co.in
Call – +91-8879477437


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